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Geotech Metals, founded in 2006, is an international supplier of complete self-drilling geotechnical anchoring systems, also known as self-drilling hollow bars.
Thanks to our in-house production facilities, spread across two different locations, we can always guarantee high performance products, parts and flexibility to our clients. We take care of the development, manufacturing, storage and distribution of our materials for self-drilling anchoring systems.


The principle of the systems is characterised by a hollow bar with a coarse thread along its entire length. This bar acts as a drilling and injection bar during the installation and as a tendon, compression and reinforcement element in the final phase.

Our Partners

Geotech Anchoring Systems (50% owned by Geotech Metals and 50% by Meever Holding) is the international sales organisation for the products of Geotech Metals.
From our head office, based in Werkendam, The Netherlands we take care of the development, manufacturing, storage and distribution of our materials for self-drilling anchoring systems. All structural materials are manufactured in-house for which we use multiple thread-rolling machines and CNC-machines. By supplying our materials directly from stock we are able to deliver flexibility and reliability to our clients.


  • Where can our Hollow Bar System be used?
    Our hollow bar system is being used in the following fields of application:
    * Soil nailing
    * Wall and shaft stabilisations in mining and tunnelling industries
    * Wall anchorage for construction pits, sheet piling and retaining walls
    * Anti-uplift anchors (against flotation of submerged concrete floors in construction pits or tunnel entrances)
    * Micropiles
    * Any client-desired specific application like strutting, jet grouting or other injection techniques
  • What are the advantages of a self drilling system?
    The advantages of self drilling systems are:
    * fast and safe installation (single step casing)
    * proven installation process under various and difficult ground and borehole conditions
    * minimum disturbance of ground conditions
    * low settlement characteristics
    * suitable for tension, compression and cyclical loads
    * broad range of load capacity classes available
    * wide range of drill bits available to deal with various different ground conditions
    * installation is done with universal standard drilling equipment
    * suitable for difficult and restricted access situations
    * robust system and suitable for use in civil-engineering applications and maritime conditions
  • Is our system sustainable?
    Our self-drilling anchoring systems are suitable both for temporary and for permanent application. The geometry of the “Geotech thread” creates an optimum bond with the cement grout body. This results in a sustainable product protected against corrosion.

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