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Who We Are

Geostrong.net is a Solutions provider of Civil, Geotechnical engineering and mining support. We mostly service the UK and the Republic of Ireland.
Geostrong.net was founded by Mr. Craig Stoker in 2018 and has an extensive network of contacts and associates within the industry. His strengths not only lie within his superior industry knowledge, but also within his enormous network of partners, and contacts across the industry in Ireland, the UK and the rest of Europe.
Based in Dublin, Ireland, our engineers have over 30 years experience at the coalface of the civil and geotechnical construction industry. Geostrong.net provides a full suite of design and supply of retaining walls, reinforced soil slopes (RSS), erosion protection, ground improvements and mining support.

System Description

The principle of the systems is characterised by a hollow bar with a coarse thread along its entire length. This bar acts as a drilling and injection bar during the installation and as a tendon, compression and reinforcement element in the final phase. The system is designed in a project-specific manner using a standard element length.
During installation a bond is created between the grout body and the surrounding soil layers. This creates a foundation element, which can provide bearing capacity against tensile, compression and cyclical loads.
Hollow bar systems have already been used successfully on an international scale for many decades.
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Our Background

For over three decades, we have partnered and designed some of the world’s largest and most complex civil engineering projects. Jetmix BV (founded in 2002) is a contractor which core business is drilling its own designed self-drilling hollow bar system.
Since 2004, whilst Geostrong.net is a European operation headquartered in Ireland, we have worked on many various projects across the E.U. but most recently we have devised and developed with our partners solutions in Ireland and in the UK. Our specialist areas include the design, supply and installation supervision of all types of:

* Retaining walls
* Reinforced Soil Slopes
* Coastal defences
* Erosion Protections
* Basil Reinforcement (Load Transfer Platform)
* Soil Nail Slopes
* Ground Anchors and Micropiles
* Sheet Piles
* Mining Supports And Resin Injections
* Tunnel Remediations

Our clients include local authorities, national infrastructural bodies, architects, consulting engineers, civil engineering contractors, building contractors and private property owners.
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